Hola! My name is Rebecca Higham and I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission. I start my journey on May 19, 2015 when I report to the Peru MTC. My sweet mother will be posting my weekly letters and pictures so you can follow along with my adventure ❤

Sunday, November 22, 2015

We went from plan A to Z back to Z to A

Wowowowww what a week! Things are sure getting hot here in los Olivos! It is always like a thousand degrees and when theres no wind it's like WOW. Hermana Newbold converted me to carrying around a two liter water bottle everyday because it's just soooo hot and if we don't drink water we would probably pass out and then some sketchy Bolivian bugs would eat us. So just picture me walking around with this ginormous water bottle... hahaha I look like a fool out here. There's no such thing as getting ready and at the end of the day we are so covered in dirt, sunscreen, and bug repellent and boy is it a sight! haha.

Anyways, let me just catch you up on Marilyn. SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!! Woot woot! Haha she's so great and all throughout church she was just panning her baby off to everyone haha, but she stayed which is good! She's doing great. She got a job so we haven't been able to see her as much, but she's still doing great and we're still working toward the 28th for her baptism so pray for her!! We also have recently started teaching her aunt as well which is great! We're hoping to just bring her whole family to this gospel!

Our other investigator Beatrice is also doing amazing! She like ate up Joseph Smith... not literally... we told that to another Hermana and she was like WHAT. NO she did not eat Joseph Smith. Haha. Anyways, she is amazing! Except it was kind of awkward, she thought we were testigos for a second, but she didn't turn us away when she found out we weren't so thats a good sign! We see a lot of potential and her and she is progressing so quickly!

Kay so JUANA. OUR 83 YEAR OLD LESS ACTIVE. She is literally THEE most precious thing I have ever seen in my entire life! We visit her like daily and she's just my favorite person! She cries like every time we come and she just laughs and laughs with her no teeth and she's just blind and she's just so cute! She told us that she had never finished the Book of Mormon cause she lost her eye sight so we've made it a goal to finish it with her. And she's starting to remember about things of the church and she makes me and Hermana Newbold cry every time she prays because she says "thank you for sending me these two angels to remind me I'm a daughter of God" and we just WEEP she's so precious! I'll send you a picture of her!

Fun Bolivia things:
- We found this other less active named Maria del Carmen Gomez and she is a HOOT. She's missing all of her top teeth and all of her bottom teeth are just halfway out so whenever she talks they just MOVE and it's the funniest thing ever. She was just sitting in a wheel barrow when we talked to her. She's a hoot!
- We also found this other less active named Gabriela Flores and she has a star on her front tooth. Whoa
- Yolanda, a recent convert, has this EVIL parrot. It kept trying to kill me and it like bit Yolanda's lip and was just being a bad bad parrot and laughing the whole time. We had to punish it to this pole and it couldn't come down. hahaha
- I started wearing my wicked awesome hiking sandals again now that it's not raining everyday and I forgot to put sun screen on my feet and my poor toes got FRIED. Like they were so burnt they were like purple. I'm going to get SKIN CANCER.
- We were visiting with a new investigator for the first time and she was making us like this coconut drink thing and when she was done she had the coconut pieces and just said "watch what I'm going to do" and then she just started putting coconut in her hair and we just staring at her DYING. People here are so funny!
- We almost had to give a talk on Sunday, but then it got pushed to next week which is great 'cause President decided to come to our ward this week and I probably would have said something dumb and got sent home or something.

There are just so many weird things that happen out here and I wish I could just share them all, but there's just not enough time! And my emails are just everywhere! But I just want you all to know that I am doing great and loving it out here! Sure it's hard - there are days when we don't visit anyone and we just walk around in the hot sun allll dayyyy long, there are days when people reject us, laugh at us, or are just super creepy. But it's all worth it!! The people that I have met here have changed my life and I just love them all so much! We're working with a lot of less actives and it's such a great experience to see that light return into their eyes and, with our investigators, watch their faith grow and watch that light touch them for the first time. It's truly incredible and worth all the hardships. I hope you all know that you are all SO LOVED and I hope that you all have a great week! Thank you for all of your emails! Keep me up on all the crazy stuff at home! Love youuuuuuuuuuu

Hermana Higham

It got suuuupeeerr rainy!

We had to poncho it up.

Selfie with the dinosaur bush.

Cute little family that fed us!

Our cute little Juana!

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