Hola! My name is Rebecca Higham and I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission. I start my journey on May 19, 2015 when I report to the Peru MTC. My sweet mother will be posting my weekly letters and pictures so you can follow along with my adventure ❤

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I'm Cold

Wowzers what a week!! Hahaha just kidding it was pretty normal. But still good! Me and Hermana Vega just have a hoot all of the time which is good because we have like nothing to do all of the time. Just knocking doors and such. BUT we have found more service opportunities so that has been fun! We went to the thrift store again, we went to some other place... that's actually a different church... and we handed out food so that was fun! They even pushed me through the line and forced me to get food... which I ended up giving away because as much as I loved expired food items my stomach would probably die haha. We also went to this old folks home and it is probably my favorite place on the planet. We get to walk peoples dogs, we call out BINGO, we help with other activities, and we just talk to the hilarious old people. A lot of them are jews so they are pretty funny. They always say "Are you going to try to convert me? Because it's probably not going to work because I'm Jewish!" And then they just laugh for a good 5 minutes hahaha. They are also pretty innapropriate too haha silly old people. It's been a hoot.

We were actually able to have lessons this past week!! We were able to meet with this one family and I see lots of potential in them! We were only able to meet with the mom and her 10 year old son but they are just the cutest things! The 10 year old loves learning about Jesus and even prayed for us, we can't even get grown adults to pray so it was awesome! They are just a nice cute family so we're excited to be seeing them more! 

So something fun happened yesterday. So we went to go visit this less active because her husband has just recently died so we got there and she let us in and everything was great.. but then someone came to the door and she let them in and in our minds we were like "yeah, cool, more people to teach!" but then more kept coming.. and more.. and more... then all of a sudden we were surrounded my catholics.. about to do a prayer. So the less actives husband was creemated... or however you spell it... and so they bring out his box, light some candles, and before we know it we're sitting through 20 minutes of Catholic prayers. Hahahahaha it was super awkward but also kinda fun. Then they asked us to offer a prayer... so I volunteered Hermana Vega and so we said a prayer... and then we left. Fun times! haha

Another fun story, so once upon a time we were knocking doors and we found an old man who was an  English member and we chatted with him for a while and he told us his wife was sick so being super kind sister missionaries we made them cookies and delivered them yesterday and they let us in and they were the cutest old couple I have ever met in my entire life! They're super old but just still so in love hahaha. They would always just made jokes or remarks to each other and then she would just wink at him hahaha it was super cute! Their names are Jackie and Bob Sharp. And Jackie went on dates with President Monson when they were younger. And Pres Monson wrote her a note and may have called her an "attractive girl" in that note. Oooolala! haha. But also, So they had a picture on their wall and all of a sudden Hermana Vega goes 'THAT PICTURE WAS IN AN ENSIGN' so Bob Sharp was in an Ensign before. The story was written about his friend but he was in there too so that was pretty fun. It's almost like I met a celebrity but cooler. Hahaha. But for reals they were super cute and we're so going back just to talk with them more because they're just so silly and cute. 

Well, that's pretty much it for the week! Hermana Vega goes home next Wednesday so that's crazy! We've got a week left so we're gunna work SO HARD. I'm pumped! Haha. I'm doing well out here in California. This past week it really hit me that I'm not going back to Bolivia so that was hard... but it's great here and I love it. I have already met so many people that have changed my life and I know that I'm here for a reason. Bolvia is definitely not California, but California is also not Bolivia. Some day I'll go back to Bolivia and just party with all my Bolivians. But my cute area in Bolivia is still in good hands so I'm super happy about that. And Paola got baptized last week so yayyyyyyy! So things are rough and my life is weird but I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm happy, I'm healthy, and I'm PROUD TO BE A MISSIONARY! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Hasta luego! 

Con mucho amor
Hermana Higham
We got frozen yogurt and my selfie game is so strong!

Also, in attempt to hold my dress down to not show my sacred underwear, I look like a demon, enjoy. Hahahahaha

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