Hola! My name is Rebecca Higham and I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission. I start my journey on May 19, 2015 when I report to the Peru MTC. My sweet mother will be posting my weekly letters and pictures so you can follow along with my adventure ❤

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ready or Not Here I Come

Well hello there everyone! So guess what, I LEAVE TO BOLIVIA NEXT WEEK!!! AHHHHH!!! I cannot explain the emotions that are running throughout my body - excitement, nervousness, and AHHH! It's just so crazy to think that my time here at the CCM is coming to an end! It really has become my home! But I feel way too comfortable being here and once you get comfortable is when you stop growing, so I guess it's time for me to fly away! Which holy cow I feel so inadequate, I asked a lady on the bus what her name was and she pointed outside and said "si" soooo either she didn't hear me or I actually don't know Spanish BUT it's all good haha. Ready or not, here I go!!
So this week was pretty normal! Except for on Sunday we had the chance to watch the Trujillo Peru temple dedication and it was AWESOME!! The spirit was so strong and it just made my heart super happy that Peru was getting another House of the Lord. They were all so excited it was so cute! My favorite was when Uchtdorf would try to speak Spanish and sounded just as bad as we did hahaha so thank goodness he just talked in English and had a translator. It was awesome though! They gave us all white handkerchiefs with the Trujillo temple on it and it is so precious! Like holy cow I am so spoiled here!!! We had our hopes way high that either Bednar or Uchtdorf would make a stop here at the CCM before going home - they haven't had a general authority here for the past year and a half, so I think it's time! But I'm pretty sure they're already back in the good ol USA... but I'm still not losing hope! I'm just hoping for them to come surprise us hahaha. Plus our president speaks German, so Uchtdorf would have a really fun time! Hahaha. Anyways, so that's always a good time!
Nothing else really super exciting happened this week. One of our teachers, Hermana Carillo has been sick since Friday so she hasn't been here which is way sad! And our other teacher had to take a test on one of the nights, so our schedules have been really weird which kept things exciting!! IT WAS SO CUTE! Hermano Janampa bought us m&m's and it was so fun! I definitely have the best teachers ever that's for sure!! We're trying to convince them both to come live in America so we can all just hangout all the time, so we'll see if that happens! Hermano Janampa wants to start a company that does wedding decorations so I'm like bro, I can help ya with that haha. I can't believe I have to say goodbye to them next week. Ahhh I can't even think about it or I'll start crying. SO MANY GOODBYES ALL THE TIME AHHHHH.
Anyways, so i finally decided to play what the cool kids call "soccer" and it was actually kinda fun! Oh and no big deal I, Rebecca Higham, queen of uncoordinated feet, scored a goal. And NO it wasn't because they went easy on me. It's because I truly am a fabulous soccer player. Hahaha. We get way into sports during physical activity, I'm going to miss it for sure!
Oooooo so two SSunday's ago we watched Ephraims rescue and holy guacamole MOM you have to watch it you will just CRY. I had never seen it before and I don't know if I was just way emotional that day or what but I was like a waterfall the entire time. Stupid allergies. But for reals family, watch it for me!
Nothing else really happened this week, just a whole bunch of classes, FOOD, and hooplah. Speaking of the food, I am going to miss it so much. My favorite thing in the entire world here is their CHURROS. AHHH. They're just a regular churro, but with DULCE DE LECHE inside and it is the most beautiful thing I could ever put into my body. I always try to make it way noticeable that I like them - I always tell the food people "me gusta churros.... siempre churros por favor" and they just laugh. Hahahahahaha. I hope they make them for us again before we leave. AH. BEFORE I LEAVE!!
I still can't believe my time here is up. I've absolutely loved every second I've been here - some days are definitely better than others - but it has been great. My district, my teachers, the food, my weird brown blanket we have on our beds, everything. But I am so excited to go and put all my training to good use and I cannot WAIT to go and serve those beautiful people of Bolivia. That's why I'm here - sure all the other things that happen and the people I have met are awesome, but I'm here to go and spread the light and truth of this beautiful gospel. This gospel is my life, i have been so lucky to have been raised in this church and have it throughout my life. And now "because I have been given much I too must give". Thank you all for your love and support! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Last temple picture

All of us avocados!

We are so cute!

Our attempt at a funny picture

I love my district!

Oops.. I ruined such a cute picture haha!

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