Hola! My name is Rebecca Higham and I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission. I start my journey on May 19, 2015 when I report to the Peru MTC. My sweet mother will be posting my weekly letters and pictures so you can follow along with my adventure ❤

Friday, July 10, 2015


Yes, it is true, I finally found my way to the majestic and mysterious Bolivia that I have been preparing for for months now. We sadly left the safe walls of the CCM last Tuesday at 6 in the morning and had a LONG morning of trying to figure out luggage situations. But we finally left and got to good ol Bolivia! And I finally got the chance to meet President and Hermana Willard and they are THE BEST. Like they are absolutely incredible and I couldn't have asked for better mission parents. Ah. They are awesome. And they bought us pizza the first day, so that also won me over haha. 

We did a bunch of missionary stuffs and that night we ended up staying in a hotel and it was FREEZING because we couldn't find the remote to turn off the AC so that was a good time. Then on Wednesday I had the chance to meet my companion and can I just say that she is absolutely WONDERFUL and everything I could have asked for in a trainer. She works hard, has the strongest testimony, is VERY friendly, and very patient with me when I don't speak Spanish haha. Her name is Hermana Morales and is from Guatemala. I will be her last companion because she only has 3 more months left in the mission field which leaves A LOT of pressure on my shoulders. Like, I have to make her last 3 months the best! Wish me luck! Hahaha. But it is a great time and I am so grateful for her. She is very friendly and confident when talking to others which makes up for me as I stand there trying to figure out what is going on and how to speak Spanish. And whenever I do bear my testimony or something they just stare at me and pretend they know what I said. It's a great time haha. 

My apartment is absolutely adorable. The walls of our room is my favorite color of blue, our kitchen is a peachy color, WE HAVE HOT WATER, and it's just lovely. We share it with 2 other Hermanas and thankfully one is American, so if I ever have questions she is who I go to because, well, English. I'm finally starting to understand the life of a real life missionary and am getting into the routine. I love it. And holy moly can I just talk about how much I love my Pensionista? Or however you spell it? She is the sweetest woman in the whole world and I like to think of her as the grandma that you turn to for anything. She is so sweet and her food is way good! And it's a real thing when I say they give you A LOT of food. Which is great cause then you don't really need a dinner. I'm just grateful for a Pensionista, so I don't have to attempt to make my own food! The only other food I have is 2 small packs of mint cookies, a small package of Ritz crackers, and a small box of Trix cereal... hahahaha. we haven't gotten my missionary card to work yet, but we're going to get it figured out today, so I can have real food. They have so many great Empanadas here and I just want to buy all of them! It's great here. Oh by the way I'm in Tarija!! So we had to take a flight to get here. There are mountains all around and it reminds me of good ol Utah. and unlike Peru, you can actually see the blue sky and STARS and the sunsets are beautiful! Like what even is Bolivia! Oh and I'm starting to understand what it's like to be a gringa in South America. Everyone just stares and I'm tempted to dye my hair and get a wicked tan so I don't stand out as much haha. 

Anyways, now about the work. We have one investigator named Miriam and she is WONDERFUL. She is 22, has 2 kids (twins) and is prime and her testimony is growing each time we see her. The only problem is that she isn't married and her husband wants nothing to do with us. So please pray for her! We have also spent a lot of time talking to less actives and recent converts... that are inactive. Please pray for all of them as well. They are all so wonderful and I am loving to get to know all of them and the people in the ward. The only problem I have had while being here is the language, which is normal. It's just frustrating wanting to say something, but not knowing how to say it, and when you try you just fail and they just laugh at you. It's definitely a struggle, but I just have to remind myself that it's only my first week and it will come... hopefully. But I love it here and it is exactly where I am supposed to be. This is my new home and I couldn't be more grateful or excited to help these beautiful people of Bolivia come unto Christ and his gospel. The work is truly amazing! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Sorry no pictures this week, I forgot that I had a camera and haven't used it hahahahaha but I will send some next week. Keep me updated on your lives! I LOVE YOU ALL.

Hermana Higham

President and Hermana Willard

I love them

My cute district!

We are so silly!

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