Hola! My name is Rebecca Higham and I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission. I start my journey on May 19, 2015 when I report to the Peru MTC. My sweet mother will be posting my weekly letters and pictures so you can follow along with my adventure ❤

Monday, July 27, 2015

This Isn't Real Life!!

So pretty much this week was just full of WHAT IS GOING ON moments haha. I don´t even know where to start so I´m just going to start typing. First of all MIRIAM IS AMAZING!! Like wow she is sooo cool and just has the strongest faith I have ever seen! Literally the only thing holding her back is marriage. This week we were able to meet a lot with her and she is just incredible. Usually when we ask her if she read her Book of Mormon she would always say "yeah, I read a little, but I didn't understand it very well" and we usually help her understand. But this past week when we asked her she was like "yeah, I
read from 1Nephi 4-10 and we were like WHAT. And then she continued to explain for like 20 minutes what she had learned from the dream of Lehi of the tree of life (wow I'm started to talk like a Latina...dream of Lehi... ahhh) and not even kidding she taught US the lesson that night and I'm pretty sure we learned more from her than she learned from us. She is so incredible ahhh! We talked to her more about how she needs to be married and she wants to, it's just her person that doesn't want to yet and doesn't really like the Mormon church. But he lets us come over and he lets her go to church activities, which I am so grateful for! We love meeting with her, she has the cutest twin girls that make it SUPER difficult to teach lessons. They like to play this game of "how many toys can we put in the missionaries arms until it all falls" and let's just say it's really hard teaching a lesson with a million toys in your hands and two twins grasping for attention haha. You definitely don't see lessons like that on the District that's for sure hahaha. But yeah, Miriam is great. She even came to church again and this time SHE WAS WEARING A SKIRT! She went and bought a skirt just for church and I wanted to cry it was so cute!! Ah. Miriam. haha.

We were able to have a lesson with a woman named Marta this past week and she has great desires to bring her family closer to Christ which is so wonderful! But teaching her is probably the hardest task in the entire world. Let me just give you a run down of how lessons with her usually go. She has 3 little boys who are CRAZZZY. So during the lessons, I have one distracted with my pink water bottle, I have one trying to color in my scriptures and steal my name tag, I have one trying to climb on my chair trying to get on the ledge behind me, I have a puppy in my lap, and the mother of that puppy right next to my feet. I try so hard to keep up on the lesson and say things, but after about 5 minutes of trying, I give up and just decide that if I can keep the 3 children entertained, my companion will have a chance to have a good conversation with her. And that's exactly what happens every time. I always leave those lessons covered in dirt, boogers, and who knows what haha. I wish there was someone video taping those lessons because they are so funny. Last time one of the kids kept asking me "why is your hair brown?" and then one said to hermana Morales "God is very mad at you because you keep talking too much" hahahaha. oh los ninos. Where am I hahaha.

We weren't able to meet with the families that I talked about last week. An emergency with the mom came up and in the other family they were working all day and we were only able to find the men, which we can't teach without a member present. But we're hoping to meet with them this week because they are wonderful! Pray for them!

This week we went and visited Juliet and her now month old baby (so cute!) and when we were there we were about to share a message when her sister walked in and said "the missionaries are at the door" hahahaha soooo the other sister missionaries showed up to. Wow, we must have just been very inspired to show up and help her. She is wonderful and her baby is the cutest thing ever. We also visited Clarita and her baby which is still the tiniest thing I have ever seen. That baby is a MIRACLE. We helped Clarita wash clothes and WOW the water was freezing and I am forever grateful for washing machines and dryers.

Now here are just some random things that happened this week that I would like to share to give you a glimpse of life in good ol' Bolivia:
 - As we were waiting for someone to come to the door at one of the houses, there was this spazzy dog that was like jumping around everywhere and it was so cute. I was just standing there, minding my own business, when all of a sudden my companion yells CUIDADO and I look down and the dog was about to pee on me!!! Like what! So that was a close call. Silly dog.
  -We had yet another member's dog follow us for 3 hours this week and woof, that is always such a struggle and causes so many problems with all the mean dogs around here.
  - Last night we were just walking, going along with our lives when all of a sudden this man jumps out of no where and says "cuidado senoritas!" and we were like whoa k chill whats up and we looked at the ground and there was a broken power line just laying on the ground, still connected. Like wow where am I hahaha
  - So I'm pretty sure the members here celebrate the 24 of July more than we do in good ol' Utah. They had a big fiesta full of country dancing at the church that we couldn't go to, but it looked super crazy from the videos that I saw of it. These Bolivians love their fiestas!
   - Sooo the avacados here are HUGE and it's so wonderful! One night this past week Hermana Holden surprised us by making tacos for us and it was the most beautiful thing in the entire world. I had like 5.
  - Speaking of food, I was really hungry when I went food shopping this past week and bought the whole world. I can't tell you how many pb an js I had this week. Ah. so good. My tiny jar of peanut butter was 10 dollars though. So worth it though, that's for sure haha.
   - They put mayo on everything here.
   - We had a spidey friend visit us this morning in our apartment. Once that thing started running, all chaos broke loose. We let it fall to it's death when we dropped it off our balcony hahaha.

Oh, and in other news. There was an emergency transfer and I now live with Hermana Park!! This isn't real life and things are just too good to be true with this one!! We just party it up everynight with our pb and js. It's great. Like why am I so spoiled. I am definitely counting my blessings that's for sure! It was a great week here in Bolivia full of walking, walking, and walking, but it was great. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here and help others come unto Christ. We're trying reaaally hard to find more people to teach and we're hoping for a miracle with Miriam this week. I love you all! Have the best week ever!

Hermana Higham

p.s. The people here can't say my name to save their lives. They say it sounds Chinese. hahahaha

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