Hola! My name is Rebecca Higham and I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints in the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission. I start my journey on May 19, 2015 when I report to the Peru MTC. My sweet mother will be posting my weekly letters and pictures so you can follow along with my adventure ❤

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Conquer Today!" - my inspirational cough drop wrapper


So this week was pretty weird and I don't really know where to start! First of all, Marilyn is doing great and is just a spiritual giant! Satan is just working really hard on her right now and the baby daddy just randomly decided to come back into her life so just keep praying for her!

We were able to meet with Pimpi (yummy bread lady) this past week and it was great! We haven't been able to see her for a while cause all she does is WORK WORK WORK. But we finally got in and we showed her an amazing video and the spirit was just so strong and she just kept talking about how she wish she had more time to focus on reading her scriptures and just as we were about to talk to her about keeping the sabbath day holy, she opens her mouth and says. "I've made a goal that next year I'm not going to work on Sundays so I can have time to go to church and spend time with my family" and we were like AHHHH and it was amazing. She is so great and one of the strongest people I know! She has been through A LOT in her life and has really come to know her savior!

So I don't know if I've told you about our investigator Paola, but here I go! She's 18 and she's amazing!!! Anyways, so yesterday she sent us a text saying that she wouldn't be able to come to church so we were a little bummed, but then during sacrament meeting she walked in!!! It was a miracle! She's amazing! We've only been able to meet with her twice because of her busy schedule, but she's already come to church 3 times and she came to Marilyns baptism last week! She's golden and is just the sweetest most innocent thing I have ever seen! She's totes getting baptized, we have a date for her on Jan 23, but we're gonna work to push it up!

So, Janet Russell, our less active. We still have doubts that she's a member and they can't find her records because she doesn't remember her exact date of her baptism, but she insists that she was baptized so we're still working on figuring that out. hahaha. Anyways, so we had this super weird lesson with her this past week. First she lets us in and then says "hold on just a second" and walks into the other room so we were just making small talk with her 80 year old crazy aunt for 5 min... 10 min... 20 min... 25 min... and we kept calling for her, but she wouldn't come so we were like uhhhhhh lets just come back later so just as we were about to leave she comes out and so we were able to teach her and she hadn't read so we read with her in the BOM and it was 1Nephi 6 where it's only like 6 verses long and we asked what she liked about it and she goes off for about a 25 minute rant about the most random things. She started by talking about what she thinks things of the world are then she talked about parties and from parties to drinking to modesty to the death of some leader of some church to how if the prophet died she wouldn't want to watch his funeral, back to parties and how she likes to be classy at parties back to her sick aunt.... and then she ended this rant with "yes or no?" we were just like uhhhhh... what just happened. Hahahahahahahaha WHERE ARE EPISODES LIKE THIS ON THE DISTRICT.  This happens way often with her too hahahaha oh Janet what even are you.

That's pretty much it for the week! I was a little ill this week so we weren't able to work as much as we would have liked, but it was still a great week! I want to share some quotes that reeeaaaallly helped me this week! It's from the general conference talk from this past conference by Oaks called "strengthened by the atonement of Jesus Christ".

"He had no debt to pay. He had committed no wrong. Nevertheless, an accumulation of all of the guilt, the grief and sorrow, the pain and humiliation, all of the mental, emotional, and physical torments known to man - he experienced them all" - Boyd K Packer

"Since the savior has suffered anything and everything that we could ever feel or experience, He can help the weak to become stronger"

This week I was definitely strengthened by the atonement of Jesus Christ. The atonement is so real and our savior jesus christ loves each and everyone one of you! I hope you all take time to remember him this christmas season and have a chance to share this beautiful message of hope with others around you.

That's pretty much it for the week! I hope you all are enjoying the cold sweater weather while I'm dripping sweat in 100 degree weather! Definitely doesn't feel like December haha. I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
Con mucho amor
Hermana Higham

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